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TransitQ v1.5.0 – HotSync issue addressed

Some users who downloaded v1.5.0 before 8am 11/30/09 experienced a problem with HotSync failing to install the v1.5.0 application.  I’ve fixed this issue and updated the application available for download.

So if you are experiencing this problem please take a moment and re-download the application and try again.

TriMet Schedule Update 11/29/09

The latest schedule data from TriMet is now online.  It was generated today at the start of the next sign-up.   Looks like we’re seeing continued service cuts; this time in the form of a reduction to service on frequent service routes.  TriMet’s press release.

Note: This schedule data file requires TransitQ v1.5.0 (released today).

TransitQ v1.5.0: Preparation for BART

This release includes several tweaks for the upcoming BART data that will be available soon.