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New Schedule: Green Line; New Signup; Service Cuts

The latest schedule has been updated for the TriMet signup starting today.  Included is the new Green Line, various service cuts, etc.  Enjoy!

Note:  You must upgrade to TransitQ v1.4.0 to use the latest schedule

TransitQ v1.4.0: GPS Tracker; Enhanced Accuracy

Hi Folks,

A new release!


  • To accommodate [0043], the schedule database format had to be updated.  Old schedule databases will not work with this release, and new schedule databases will not work on older releases.

New Features

  • [0045] Tracking mode now has GPS support.  Click “Track” and then you’ll see  a new “GPS” button.  Once enabled, the GPS will be connected and the schedule will be updated as you pass stops.
  • [0046] The GPS “twiddler” (the little “o” that tells you that the GPS is actually receiving data) now displays more helpful icons.  “x” is displayed when the GPS is off.  A flashing “?” is displayed as data is received but there is no fix.  “o” is used when a fix is present and data is being  received.
  • [0043] Times are now managed internally with to-the-second accuracy.  This should make the stop times a little more accurate.


  • [0044] In the stop finder screen (with stop list edit mode off) and trip follow screen (with tracking off), the entire width of the screen is now used to display stop names.

¡New Release Soon!

Well – I was hoping to have a new release out tonight with new schedule data, but unfortunately I discovered some nasty bugs at the last minute.

So stay tuned!  Hopefully I’ll have a release out in the next day or two.