TransitQ 1.2.0 is out!

The big new thing is trip follow mode.  Trip follow mode shows you all of the scheduled times and stop locations for a particular bus/train trip.  So, for example, if you’re getting on the MAX Red Line at the airport at 11:24pm (like I am right now) and you’re wondering when it arrives back to Pioneer Square, this screen will show you that. You can get to this screen by viewing the schedule for a specific stop, and then clicking on one of the arrivals.  To get back, simply click on one of the stop times listed in the trip schedule.

I’ve already found this feature to be immensely helpful on so many occasions, so much that I decided to go ahead and release this as a “beta” now so that it can make it into your hands early.    There are many enhancements coming to this screen, though, (hence the blank strip at the bottom of the screen).  Stay tuned!

BTW:  The schedule data format for v1.2.0 is the same as v1.1.1, so no schedule data upgrade is needed; and you can always go back to v1.1.1 if you have a problem.


Follow mode!

Follow mode!