TransitQ 1.1 is out!  Get it while it’s hot (and be sure to pick up new schedule data when you’re there — it’s required!)

Here’s what’s new:

  • [0005] Stop Lists!  You can browse stops by line, or create your own lists of favorite stops.
  • [0008] You can now browse a stop’s schedule for days other than today
  • [0037] You can now search by TriMet StopID by entering the StopID into the “Look Up:” box.
  • [0004] When viewing a stop’s schedule, an up/down arrow is shown to indicate the first/last stop of the bus trip.
  • [0039] Added low-resolution 1-bit icons for non-color OS 4 devices.
  • [0038] Renamed the TriMet transit data database name from “TriMet” to “TQ_TriMet.trnx”.  This allows for TransitQ to coexist with other databases named “TriMet” (namely the old Second Kiss TriMet schedule application)